Management & CONTACT 

Below a short bio of key management. The company is headquartered in Honduras and Denmark.


Central American main offices:
Aldea La Cañada, 200 mts adelante de Procarne, Villanueva, Cortes, C.A., Honduras (near San Pedro Sula). +504 26068018


European Office:
Pilestræde 35,, 1112 Copenhagen K., Denmark. +45 51463890

For inquiries regarding sales of beans and couverture

Facebook/Instagram: Xoco Gourmet

Frank Homann, Founder and CEO

Frank started his career in the Danish Army. During his nine years in the army, in his spare time, he conducted several private side-projects, hereunder expeditions in Laos and Burma, and a documentary film about the civil war in Nicaragua. After leaving the Royal Guards Regiment, Frank worked as the Chief Operating Officer for a leading Mexican security company. Post-MBA, he returned to Europe where he worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company. Later, he started Zensys, a high technology company focused on wireless communication between simple nodes. Zensys was located in Berkeley, California, and was acquired by Sigma Design Inc. After a short stint working on a poverty reduction initiative Frank founded Xoco in 2007. Frank holds an MBA from INSEAD in France and is a graduate of the Danish Royal Officers’ Academy.


Jens Vasehus, Co-CEO

Jens co-founded and headed Implement Consulting Group in Denmark and Scandinavia, where his clients counted many of the leading regional companies. He grew the management consultancy from a small boutique to a pan-Scandinavian, 400 consultant strong partnership. In his spare time, among other activities, he was engaged in the Mining Industry in Belize. In 2014, he retired from consultancy, and joined Xoco as an investor and Co-CEO. He is also on the board of a number of Danish companies. Jens has a Business Degree from the Copenhagen Business School, and a Masters Degree in engineering from the Danish Technical University.


Herve Fleisch, VP of Own Plantations

Herve started his career in research on the Hawaiian Islands and the Dominican Republic for large privately owned plantations. While working for Maui Pineapple Company, he got progressively more involved with the superintendence of plantation, and new products development. In 2001 he and his family moved to Costa Rica to start a pineapple plantation project that would allow Maui Pineapple Company to have better access to the East coast of the United States, Canada, and Europe. The plantation was a great success and in 2003, when it was about to reach 1,000 hectares, it was acquired by the largest player in the world in the fresh fruit industry. In 2004, Hervé started a fruit export company and another pineapple plantation of 500 hectares which were both acquired by a European multinational in 2008. Hervé holds a PhD in Agronomy and a Masters in International business with an emphasis on entrepreneurship.


Luis Fernando Osorio, Manager of Outgrower Operations

Luis Fernando started his career as a supply chain supervisor with Cargill in Honduras. He later became operations manager with a logistics company serving Standard Fruit Company (DOLE) in Honduras. Luis Fernando holds a degree in Sciences and Industrial Engineering from the Technological University of Honduras.


Carlos Paredes, Head of Cocoa Processing

Carlos began his career as a technical assistant in various agricultural field projects in Central America. In these projects, he worked with many crops, hereunder cocoa. He was hired in 2010 to become Xoco’s “chief fermenter”. During two years, he received specialized on-the-job training from international experts and chocolatiers, and co-developed the Mayan Red protocol. He also designs and helps implement protocols for other varieties in production or under development. Carlos is a Forestry Engineer from the National Forestry University, Honduras.


Ernesto Vargas, Director of Farms

Ernesto has run several large scale commercial farms. His experience includes building a 4,000 hectare African Palm plantation from scratch in a remote area in Nicaragua. His latest position was Country Manager for Grupo MAG in Nicaragua, a large rice and cattle operation. Ernesto is a Bachelor in Science, and holds an Ag degree from El Zamarano university in Honduras. He also holds a Master’s in Business Management from the university of Thomas More in Nicaragua.


Sandra Kati, European Sales Rep and Marketing Assistant

Sandra started her chocolate journey in 2013 by traveling the world with the purpose of looking for the best cocoa. Starting in Asia, she ended up in Central America where she found the most ancient Mayan cocoa tradition. Since then, she is in constant contact with cocoa growers, chocolate makers, agronomists, and chefs. After her first cocoa trip, her passion became a profession and she started as a chocolate sommelière in France. She holds a degree in communications from a University in Southern France.