Mayan Red is the name we gave our signature cacao variety, originally found deep in the Northern jungles of Honduras, near ancient Mayan settlements. Its intrinsic flavour is dark, red fruits – depending on the roast and the percentage of cacao, different notes over the theme are revealed.
maya 70

Mayan Red 70%

This is the classic couverture. It is well balanced with deep flavours of red fruit, notes of red berries, plums and raisins. With its creamy, smooth texture it has rich aromas with a seductive, almost aniseed-like acidity and a long, complex finish.

Mayan Red 80%

This is a powerful, distinct couverture for the bold chef. The burgundy red fruit hits you from the start. In the middle of the tasting, an acidity surfaces, associated with freshness. This is a tannic chocolate on the palate, finishing with a long rich aftertaste.

maya 80
maya 100

Mayan Red 100%

This is an intense, full-bodied chocolate with light mineral notes of spicy red fruits combined with a punchy burgundy flavour. It develops an extremely complex bouquet of blackcurrant, tobacco, and clove. Its texture is smooth. A fresh and tangy chocolate.

Mayan Red 48% Milk

Mayan Red 48% is a surprisingly smooth and lively milk chocolate, which coats the palate in a pleasant and subtle way, with a mixture of dried red fruit and nougatine. Its softness in the mouth has an intense taste of brown butter, malted milk, caramel and many biscuity notes. Its complexity lies in its fruity, almost jam-like notes of golden raspberries.

maya 48
maya sticks

Mayan Red 70% sticks

The Mayan Red 70% sticks offer an intense Mayan Red flavour. The sticks are fantastic for making pain au chocolat as well as a one-of-a-kind chocolate drink.