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Frank Homann

Founder & CEO

We have taken a completely new and different approach to chocolate making.

To work with flavour, we realized that we had to start the journey as cacao growers. We knew that the cacao we planted had to be special and of good flavour potential, and that it had to be planted for variety which permits optimizing flavour development in fermentation and roasting.

All other fruits have been planted for flavour and variety. Farmers have selected the varieties with best flavour and then applied the technique of grafting.

But cacao, only growing in the tropics far from chocolate makers, has not been grafted for flavour and variety. For reproduction, cacao has been seed-planted, which is quick and cheap, but leads to lack of flavour and consistency.

Realizing this, we had to take the long, hard road of inventing grafting for flavour and variety in cacao. Many called us crazy as our approach clashed with traditional, “industrialised” dogmas about cacao and chocolate. Development requires mutiny, however.

From finding the “mother trees” to create flavour varieties, learning how to graft, plant, grow and ferment, we were faced with all the problems of a pioneering effort. Developing the fermentation protocols took us a year of experimentation. Roasting our single varieties required challenging all textbooks on the subject. We roast at temperatures about 20-30% lower than the industry and at half the time, carefully checking when the beans reach their optimal expression of flavours from the cacao fruit.

All this has led to a chocolate like you have never tried before. Full of delicious, previously undiscovered flavours. 

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Frank Homann Xoco Gourmet
Diana Cruz​ Xoco Gourmet

Diana Cruz

Chief Chocolate Maker

I start to work in restaurants when I was seventeen, I focused my learning and skills in pastry and baking, I spend around 8 years working in restaurants in Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Bogotá.

I beginning to be interest in apply my knowledge in other direction outside the restaurants, that was when I find the cacao and bean to bar Chocolate making, I spend 3 years learning and falling in love with flavors in the cacao beans and Chocolate.

I meet Frank in Paris, In the Salon du Chocolat; He was so passionate about Xoco that gets my interest. What he was doing with XOCO was so unique. Weeks later I decided to follow him in this amazing project.

I spend my days in Xoco, most of the time in the laboratory, learning and understanding the flavour profiles in our single varieties. Doing roasting trials, formulating chocolate recipes, tasting chocolate and raw single variety cacao beans; for later replicate in the factory to had our chocolate couverture.