COVID-19 has hit us all in many ways.

Our customers are hard hit as specialty chocolate stores and restaurants using high-end couverture are closed. Thoughts and sympathy go out to the many entrepreneurs out there who are struggling.

For Xoco it means cutting costs where possible and postponing the many exciting events we had planned for this spring, hereunder the introduction of our Honduras-made single variety couverture. It doesn't make us less determined to make a difference to the chocolate industry by transforming flavours and the way cocoa is grown and chocolate made. We will bounce back as soon as we get through this crisis.

The ones hardest hit are our farmers, especially the ones who are living on the margin of extreme poverty. Honduras and Guatemala are in lockdowns and under strict curfew regulations. In spite of this, we continue to collect cocoa where possible. In Honduras, we are struggling to get our government permit to collect, apparently delayed because of bureaucracy. We are pushing to get this resolved ASAP so we can get back to business. Hopefully, this will happenvery soon, before things get too hard for the many families depending on the cash they get from Mayan Red cocoa.

Be safe and Love to you all,

Frank & the Xoco Team