New Chief Chocolate Maker at Xoco!

Diana is highly skilled in the development of recipes for couverture, and she has already come a long way in optimizing the our couverture making processes. With a meticulous approach to the process, she knows all the variables that have an effect on the final result. 

At Xoco, we believe that an integrated production process enables us to create the best possible chocolate and extract the true flavor of every cocoa variety. We remain in total control of the complete production: All the way from the trees, which we have planted and grafted ourselves, to the final product, we are keeping track of processes and how they influence the final product. Diana is a central figure in this tasks, and we are happy that we can offer our customers a better product thanks to her hard work!

Diana is of course available for technical assitance to our customers, and is happy to help you exploit the true value of Xoco's products!